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When you sit in the same synagogue where Jesus taught in Capernaum, experience the tranquility at the Ein Gedi oasis where David had to hide from Saul and wrote many of his Psalms, and when the silence during a boat ride on the sea of Galilee grips you, you experience a presence that cannot be described.

A Camino has the ability to dramatically change and enrich your life. People walk a Camino for different reasons. Some walk to close an era or event. Others want to make a new start. Some do it purely for the adventure! But one thing is for sure, no one goes home without a few life-changing stories!

Leading a group to the Holy Land for the first time is a life-changing event. It enables you to build church leadership by spiritual bonding; to educate your congregants; to reach “the seekers” as they travel alongside other believers, and to bond with church members as you all share this deep spiritual adventure.