About us

TIB Tours, short for To Israel & Beyond has been conducting tours and pilgrimages to the Bible Lands since 2007. Initially Israel and the surrounding Bible lands were the main destinations, but other tours and destinations soon followed. In 2012 we introduced Pauline tours visiting the countries and places of interest involving the mission routes of the Apostle Paul. By taking our tour members to exciting and vibrant countries including Greece, Turkey, the islands of Crete and Patmos, as well as Italy we trace Paul’s footsteps and the roots of Christianity. On popular demand by previous tour members we had to explore new Travel with purpose opportunities and were delighted to introduce the Camino de Santiago pilgrimages in Spain with our first ‘Camino’ launched in 2014. Currently we assist around 100 pilgrims per year to walk the Camino de Santiago, whether on their own or by joining one of our guided walks.

Bringing the Bible to life through well organized and planned tours is our main purpose. Together with this we strive to facilitate events where our tour members can truly become aware of their own spirituality and get a little closer to their Maker. This combined with fun, being on holiday, trying out new cuisine, meeting interesting people and exploring exciting cultures makes our tours and pilgrimages unforgettable and life changing experiences.

Travel with purpose
Going on a pilgrimage and visiting places with a certain spiritual significance results in you as traveler being intentional about going deeper in your life searches, and bringing home something more valuable than photos and souvenirs. Sometimes you want to go beyond just lounging in the sun or maybe even more important; leave behind a piece of yourself at this destination and genuinely invest in meaningful stories and memories.

Luke 11:9: “So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”