10 Reasons to Travel with Tours to Israel & Beyond

1. From Preparation to Execution

Your tour starts the moment you book with us. While you dream about your tour, we will make it possible and smooth going by making sure you are well prepared. We issue all our tour members with detailed What to pack and Tour Preparations information, Foreign exchange and money matters suggestions and before departure complete Tour packs including their specific tour’s Tour Manual.

We also guide tour members with constant updates on weather forecasts and other significant information prior to their excursion.

2. We Take the Rush out of Group Tours


Group tours can easily be rushed and tiresome. You are on holiday and we respect and value your time.  By making sure every day’s visits are carefully planned and giving ample free time while you are on tour, we promise to send you home rejuvenated and well rested.

3. Variety and Options


No matter your budget or travel style we will consult with you beforehand and try to facilitate your needs. Some optimistic travel enthusiasts like to explore as much as possible at the most cost effective budget. Without compromising the experience we will try to fit the right excursion with your needs but also prepare exquisite journeys for those who seek luxury in their travels. Regardless of your needs and preferences we will make sure you get the same great value.

4. We Bring you Experiences, not just Sightseeing


Not one itinerary is the same as the previous one. Every group has different needs and we delight ourselves in bringing you fresh and vibrant places and ideas.  By crafting and refining itineraries, full of must-see sites and off-the-beaten path experiences we make sure your journey becomes a life changing experience.

5. Carefully Selected Hotels

Whether going to the Bible Lands or walking the Camino de Santiago, we believe that a well-appointed hotel close to the best sightseeing and dining options contributes significantly to the enjoyment of your tour. Many companies book hotels in less than desirable locations in order to save on costs, but this adds plenty of inconvenience and loss of precious time getting to and from the places you want to see. Others book lower quality hotels so they can charge the lowest prices possible. Our tours always feature high quality, centrally located hotels that live up to our high standards. And while occasionally our usual standard of accommodations doesn't exist in a location (for example, in very remote spots), you can count on us to make sure you're staying in the best hotel available.

6. All the Extras

Every tour member gets a detailed tour manual to guide them on their journey. Camino de Santiago pilgrims has a day to day walk manual helping them every step of the way including maps, distance indicators, tips on good places to stop, Spanish dictionary and general walking tips and suggestions.

Tour member to the Bible Lands are issued with a day-today tour manual with detailed information on sites and excursions as well as a full list of Bible References. These pack are already issued a few weeks prior to departure to help with you mental preparations.

7. Great Guides & Tour Leaders


On all of our escorted tours, you'll be led by a local, expert, English-speaking guide who will make each destination come alive like only a resident can. Along the way, your guide will share the traditions, culture and history of your destination from a first-hand perspective, and may even add some unexpected off-itinerary adventures. Often times it is our incredible guides our travelers remember and reminisce about most when they recount their experience.

8. Flexibility with Flight Reservations & Add-on Tours


For group tours we always provide two options: Join our scheduled group flights, or make your own flight arrangements in order to be able to make use of Flight Miles accumulated or make you tour a part of a bigger travel itinerary. We consult with every single tour member and assist with personal flight preferences.

9. Help 24/7


Our customer service is legendary. We're passionate about travel and we love helping you put together a journey you'll remember for a lifetime. Our reservation agents are there when you're just researching your next trip and will help you throughout the whole booking process. Once you're on your trip, we have a dedicated emergency line that is manned 24/7, not by an answering service, but by our agents in Spain, Israel and Israel being available on their mobile phones and through WhatsApp.

10. Become Part of a Bigger Travel Family


Your journey does not end when you return home. We keep in touch with newsletter, Facebook and sometimes even keep our WhatsApp groups going to keep on sharing and chatting to one another!

So from everyone at TIB Tours… Shalom, Buen Camino and See you soon!